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Wall Mount Shelving : 5 Shelf Unit
Wall Mount Shelving : 5 Shelf Unit
Wall Mount Shelving : 5 Shelf Unit
Wall Mount Shelving : 5 Shelf Unit
Wall Mount Shelving : 5 Shelf Unit

Wall Mount Shelving : 5 Shelf Unit

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Custom Wall Mount shelving - Five shelf unit Handmade in the USA with solid wood & steel. This shelving unit is 72"H and has 5 shelves that are 10" deep. This shelving unit is customizable to fit your space and aesthetic. You can choose the length, wood species, and bracket finish. 

1st Picture: Ash Shelves and Black Brackets

Dimensions: 96"L x 72"H x 10"D x ~ 16" between shelves

5 Shelf Wall Mount Bracket: 72" H x 8.5" D x 1.5" Wide American made steel channel

Wood Options:

  • Ash: The 1" thick Ash is ethically sourced throughout the Pacific North West. The Emerald Ash Borer (Agrilus Planipennis or EAB) is an insect responsible for the destruction of tens of millions of ash trees throughout North America. We work with companies to ensure these trees do not go to waste. The femininity of the Ash combined with the masculine brackets makes for a unique and elegant shelving unit. 
  • Black Walnut: The 1" thick Black Walnut is ethically sourced throughout the Pacific North West. It is one of the most valuable and unique species of hardwoods in North America. It has a rich brown lustrous heartwood. The grain pattern is between grainy woods, like oak, and uniform textured woods, such as maple and poplar. Black Walnut elevates any contemporary, modern, or industrial home. 
  • Reclaimed Pine: The 1.5" thick old-growth pine is salvaged from demolition homes throughout the Midwest. The wood is full of cool characteristics, such as nail holes, plaster lines, and color variations. We cannot guarantee that the shelving you receive will look identical to the one in the product shot. Although, all surface imperfections are natural and tell a story that spans over a hundred years, making each piece unique and truly one of a kind. The raw and natural character of the reclaimed Pine is perfect for rustic or modern farmhouse styled homes. We offer two different options for finishing reclaimed pine: Natural and Surfaced Plane. 
    • Natural Finish: when we simply sand and finish. This produces a darker overall color and texture with a slightly uneven surface. 
    • Surface planed: when we take off the top and bottom layer with a surface planer, making a more even surface and lighter color variation. 


    The shelf brackets are custom fabricated from 1.5" wide American steel channel and sealed with enamel. We proudly use American steel and support American manufacturing. American steel is consistent, stronger, environmentally friendly, and ethically produced, unlike Chinese steel (leading competitor). The solid steel shelf bracket mounts to the wall 2 locations, hidden behind each shelf. The shelves are connected to the brackets with two screws on each rung. This displaces the weight evenly throughout the bracket, making for an extremely sturdy design that is easy to install. 

    Bracket options:

    We offer three different finish options for the brackets:

    • Clearcoat on steel
    • Black
    • Gold/bronze

    Why did we make these shelves?
    Open wall shelving has become a must-have in contemporary and modern homes. Just flip through the pages of Architectural Digest or your favorite home magazine and open floating shelves can be seen prominently displayed in almost every room of the rich and famous' housesIncluding kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms, pantries, mudrooms, bedrooms, closets, and more. But where can the average consumer find such shelves without paying an arm and a leg for custom lengthy hardwood shelving? We realized... NOWHERE! That is why we specifically designed and manufactured these coveted wall fixtures. Our wall mount shelves are handcrafted in the USA from the highest-quality materials, are made-to-order, easy to install, and affordable! Our wall shelves are one of our most notable designs and one of our best sellers. The modern shelf design transforms any room while adding tons of storage.

    Where can you use these shelves?... Spoiler: The possibilities are endless!

    • Kitchen: We know everyone wants to display their stunning dishware and equipment in their kitchen, that is why we specifically designed the shelves to be 10” deep and the brackets to be load-bearing. This heavy-duty shelf design allows you to safely store and show-off your plates, glassware, pots, pans, kitchen equipment… even your heavy Kitchen Aid Mixer in a beautiful and rustic manner.
    • Living Room: Create a beautiful entertainment center by surrounding your TV with custom-fit shelves. Add your collection of house plants, artwork, trophies, and other home decors to the shelves to warm up your space. Or store and organize your books by using these shelves for a rustic and modern bookcase. 
    • Bedroom: Add two-foot-long shelves to either side of your bed above your nightstand to create more storage. Or swap out your headboard or artwork above your bed for a long shelf with pictures and plants for a more casual and bohemian feel. 
    • Bathroom: Put wall mount shelves in your bathroom to store towels, toiletries, and glass jars. You'll create a bathroom backdrop you'll want to take selfies in the mirror with. 
    • Other: Line your blank walls with shelves to brighten up your home and add more storage! These shelves create instant warmth and make your home feel like a modern farmhouse. In the mudroom, laundry room, butler's pantry, entryway, and more!

    If you need FEWER Shelves, check out our 2 Shelf Unit. Need MORE Shelves, check out our 4 Shelf Unit5 Shelf Unit, or 6 Shelf Unit

    Already have shelves, and JUST NEED BRACKETS? Check out our wall mount Shelf Brackets and wall mount Bookend Shelving Brackets

    Like our shelving units but you're lookin' for something more CUSTOM? Request a Quote from us today. It's free and easy. You'll be provided with a quote and professional rendering of your desired shelving design with dimensions. 

    At Vault Furniture, we take pride in meticulously designing and crafting our products in the USA. Every detail is taken into consideration in order to bring you the best product possible. All of our materials are hand-selected, locally sourced. Using the highest quality, American made steel, premium solid wood, and commercial grade finishes. 


    ASSEMBLY: Due to the size of the unit, it will ship disassembled. However, we will send very detailed, step by step instructions with photos.

    WEIGHT CAPACITY: When mounted properly, each shelf can hold between 50-100lbs. The weight capacity is dependent on several factors. 1. How many brackets you are using for the total length of shelving. We typically recommend a bracket for every 20"-30" of shelf distance. 2. How the brackets are mounted to the wall directly impacts the load capacity. Different wall constructions require different anchors. For this reason, we DO NOT include wall mounting anchors. We do have a list of recommended wall anchors outlined in the installation manual. 

    SHIPPING: Each unit is custom made to order. *Lead time is 4-6 weeks from the order date to shipment. Shelving units 72"L and under will ship via UPS ground and units over 72" will ship freight. When construction is complete we will reach out to confirm shipping details with tracking information. **Because of the size of this unit, It will be shipped unassembled. However, we will include detailed instructions with pictures via email and all parts needed for assembly.  

    *Lead time is subject to change. For up to date information regarding our lead times, please see our Shipping Policy page. 

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