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Wall Mount Shelving : 5 Shelf Unit
Wall Mount Shelving : 5 Shelf Unit
Wall Mount Shelving : 5 Shelf Unit
Wall Mount Shelving : 5 Shelf Unit
Wall Mount Shelving : 5 Shelf Unit

Wall Mount Shelving : 5 Shelf Unit

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Our most notable design as well as our best seller. This shelving transforms your space while adding tons of storage, all for the price of your average stand alone bookshelf. 

Completely designed and built in the USA with materials guaranteed to last a lifetime. We custom fabricate the brackets from 1.5" wide American steel channel.  Each bracket mounts to the wall in 5 locations and has a load capacity over 500 lbs. They are extremely sturdy and easy to install.

The shelving is made from 1" thick solid Ash, ethically sourced throughout the Mid-West. The Emerald Ash Borer (Agrilus planipennis or EAB) is responsible for the destruction of tens of millions of ash trees throughout North America. We work with companies to ensure these trees do not go to waste. 

Picture Dimensions :  72" H x 96" L x 10" D, 16" between shelves

Materials: Ethically sourced 1" thick Ash, 1.5" Wide American made steel channel



*Our wall mounted shelving units offer full customization. You can choose the dimensions, number of shelves, and wood species. Simply contact us with wall dimensions and photos so we can create a custom design and quote for you. 


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