Live edge black walnut bench + vault furniture chicago
Long narrow bench + vault furniture chicago
Live edge black walnut + steel bench + vault furniture Chicago
Live edge dining set + vault furniture chicago
Steel and black walnut bench + vault furniture
Live edge dining set + trestle dining table + vault furniture

"X" Bench

Regular price $530.00

Materials: 10" W x 8" H old growth pine beam, 2" square steel tubing

Dimensions: 36" L x 10" W x 18" H

Solid pine foundation beams, massive in scale and salvaged from century-old homes, factories, and warehouses in Chicago, find new life in this simple yet monumental bench. Mounted upon 2" wide steel legs, it is incredibly sturdy and narrow enough to fit in almost any entryway. The timbers are sanded and lightly finished with a water based urethane to highlight with wood's natural color and one-of-a-kind character.