Expand your storage space with 4 tier wood shelves. The shelves are 10" deep and can be ordered from 12" to 96" in length. You can also choose from two heights: 44" and 54.5". Our 4 tier wall-mounted shelves add visual interest to your wall and can be used to hold plants, books, dishes, and decor. They also look great in the living room, bathroom, or kitchen.
    These heavy-duty 4 tier shelves are handcrafted in U.S. with premium solid and reclaimed wood, American-made steel, and commercial grade finishes. Our high-quality products are built to last for years to come with lower lead times than others in the industry. What’s more, our 4 tier bookshelf can be customized to fit your space.
    Don’t see a 4 shelf unit that works for you? Simply contact us for a free custom rendering and quote. Learn more by visiting our FAQ page.
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    4 products
    modern rustic shelving 8ft long reclaimed pine 44" high black steel brackets
    4 shelf wall mount bookshelf 44" high reclaimed wood steel bracket. Vault Furniture
    Wall Mount 4 Shelf Unit: 44" Height
    from $475.99
    Wall Mount 4 Shelf Unit: 44" Height with Bookend Brackets
    from $715.99
    modern wall mount shelving unit 4 shelf 54.5" reclaimed wood and brass bracket. Vault Furniture
    8ft mid-century-modern shelving with 4 Gold Steel Shelving Brackets
    Wall Mount 4 Shelf Unit: 54.5" Height
    from $475.99
    4-tier wall mount bookshelf. 36" L Reclaimed pine 44"H steel wall brackets
    loft style open bookshelf 36"L reclaimed pine 54.5"H metal bracket with bookend by Vault-furniture
    Wall Mount 4 Shelf Unit: 54.5" Height with Bookend Brackets
    from $715.99