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Minimal Wall Vase
Minimal Wall Vase

Minimal Wall Vase

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The perfect way to add life to any space. Use the vase for flowers or rooting plants.

Where other hanging vases are simply a cylindrical test tube, our glass vase was custom designed specifically for floral decor. The unique shape has a narrow neck with a wider base. This gives plants more room for liquids while at the same time holding the stem in an upright position. This shape also allows for the removable metal ring. No need to take the entire hanging mechanism off the wall. Simple pull the bottle from the ring for easy cleaning.

Materials: glass, metal, and jute

Dimensions: ~ 6.5" L x 2" W
* Bottle size: 6.5" height / 1.5"  diameter
*Steel ring:  app. 2" diameter. 

Steel ring is made from American made schedule 40 pipe. Each ring comes with a small hole in the back and a screw for easy mounting. 

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