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reclaimed pine bench , beam bench, industrial bench
reclaimed pine bench , beam bench, industrial bench, entryway bench, chicago bench, timber bench
Beam Bench + vault furniture
narrow bench + vault furniture
reclaimed beam bench + vault furniture
Chicago reclaimed beam bench + vault furniture
Beam Bench
Beam Bench
Beam Bench
Beam Bench
Beam Bench
Beam Bench
Beam Bench
Beam Bench

Beam Bench

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Rustic Industrial beam bench.

A unique bench is the perfect statement piece to splurge on. No matter where you move there is always a spot in need of narrow storage or seating. The modern steel legs and natural reclaimed wood work together to form a timeless design that integrates with many different aesthetics. The narrow configuration makes this piece great for entryways, bathrooms, patios, at the end beds, or even used as coffee / end table.

Made from Solid old growth pine, the foundation beams are salvaged from demolition homes throughout St. Louis and Chicago. These beams are over 100 years old and have tons of character and even more history to them. The term "old growth" refers to the origins of the tree that the beam was produced from. These trees grew naturally for over 200 years, during a time before massive deforestation. Since they grew in a dense forest, they received less light and grew more slowly than newer lumber. This slower growth allowed for a tighter ring pattern and denser wood. An estimated 90% of these forests were cleared in the United States by early 20th century. Today, "old growth" is strictly available through architectural salvage since remaining trees are protected by the US Forest Service.

We lightly sand each beam to remove loose dirt and splinters while maintaining the weathered patina. Then we coat with a clear water based polyurethane. A durable finish that highlights the wood's natural color and one-of-a-kind character.

We hand fabricate the bench legs from 2" wide american made steel tubing. We then finish in a clear polyurethane. The beam in then mounted on the legs for an incredibly sturdy bench.

Due to large variations in beams, we will be sure to send you photos of what we have in stock so you can choose which beam you like.

Picture Dimensions: 36" L x 10" W x 18" H

Materials: 8"x 10" Old growth pine foundation beam , 2" square steel tube legs

Unique Characteristics:
- hand-notched holes from where the floor joists slid in
- Nail Holes
- Beautiful color variation from light tan to black.

Design Includes:
-Felt on bottom of steel legs
- Bolt inserts for easy leg attachment.




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