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Handmade in USA Narrow Console Table reclaimed pine shelves with American Steel Base
Top-side view of Industrial Console Table reclaimed pine with steel legs 48"L x 32"H x 10"D
Front angle of handmade modern console table. 2 reclaimed pine shelves with steel base handmade in USA 48"L x 32"H x 10"D
Front top angle of rustic console table. reclaimed pine shelves with American steel hand-welded base 48"L x 32"H x 10"D
birdeyes view of corner of console table. Reclaimed pine table top with american steel corners and siding. Bolt accents. Industrial entryway table 48"L x 32"H x 10"D
Front view of Handmade modern loft industrial sideboard console table. Reclaimed pine shelves with american steel siding and legs. 48 inch length by 32 inch height by 10 inch depth

Modern Industrial Console Table

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Modern Industrial console table has a narrow configuration perfect for an Industrial Urban Loft Entryway. Also makes for a great skinny sofa table or minimal sideboard in a farmhouse kitchen.

HANDMADE IN USA Industrial Rustic Console Table made HIGH-QUALITY materials by people who care. Crafted from reclaimed Pine salvaged in USA and American made Steel. The wood shelves are made from 1.5" thick x 10" deep Reclaimed Pine planks that are cut and surfaced planed to create a consistently smooth and level surface top. We finish the shelves with commercial-grade water-based polyurethane. The metal legs are fabricated by bending 1/4" thick x 10" deep American steel. The steel is sealed with a clear powder-coat finish, which is the most durable type of metal finishing.

Pictured Table Dimensions:
48"L x 32"H x 10"D

TO ORDER: Choose the length of your desired console table (Height and Width remain the same for all options)
Sizing Options:
24" Length (24"L x 32"H x 10"D): $475.00
36" Length (36"L x 32"H x 10"D): $575.99
48" Length (48"L x 32"H x 10"D): $675.99
60" Length (60"L x 32"H x 10"D): $775.99

RECLAIMED PINE: The 1.5" thick old-growth pine is salvaged from demolition homes throughout the Midwest. The wood is full of cool characteristics, such as nail holes, plaster lines, and color variations. We cannot guarantee that the shelving you receive will look identical to the one in the product shot. Although, all surface imperfections are natural and tell a story that spans over a hundred years, making each piece unique and truly one of a kind. The raw and natural character of the reclaimed Pine is perfect for rustic, industrial or modern farmhouse styled homes.

Reclaimed Pine 8"x10" Beam Console Table 
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At Vault Furniture, we take pride in meticulously designing and crafting our products in the USA. Every detail is taken into consideration in order to bring you the best product possible. All of our materials are hand-selected, locally sourced. Using the highest quality, American-made steel, premium solid wood, and commercial-grade finishes.

ASSEMBLY: Due to the size of the table, it will ship disassembled. Although assembly is very simple and should take less than 10 minutes. The wood has metal inserts so you simply line the legs up with the inserts and use provided bolts to attach the legs.

SHIPPING: Each unit is custom-made to order. *Lead time is 4-6 weeks from the order date to shipment. When construction is complete we will reach out to confirm shipping details with tracking information.

AMERICAN STEEL VS. CHINESE: "American steel manufacturers are held to a set of standards created by organizations like The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) that determine the appropriate chemistry mixes for different types of steel. These standards are intended as a safety precaution to ensure the right quality of the metal is being used for the right product. Companies in China are producing steel at a faster rate, flooding the market and dropping prices. It is produced at a rapid rate and it is not held up to the same quality standards as American steel. American steel requires some rigorous testing before it can be sold, but Chinese companies are not required to conduct these tests. These tests help keep buildings standing after a hurricane or earthquake and help prevent the steel from becoming brittle and beginning to crack when it is being welded. In addition to testing, American companies are under more strict guidelines for the environment. Carbon emissions in China are two times greater than they are in America for the same amount of steel. Steelmakers in America spend 80 percent more per ton of steel to reduce the pollution levels to both air and water than a steelmaker in China." -gensteel.com

Powder coating is a dry finishing process. The coating is applied electrostatically and then cured under heat to produce long molecular chains. These molecular chains are very resistant to breakdown. Therefore, powder-coated products are more resistant to scratches, chipping, abrasions, corrosion, fading, and other wear issues. This method is more sustainable than conventional paint because it takes place in a sealed environment. The unused powder is collected and reused. Leaving little to no air pollution and waste… It’s tougher, last longer, and is environmentally advantageous.

Made from solid old-growth pine, the foundation beams are salvaged from demolition homes throughout St. Louis and Chicago. These beams are over 100 years old and have tons of character and even more history to them. The term "old growth" refers to the origins of the tree that the beam was produced from. These trees grew naturally for over 200 years, during a time before massive deforestation. Since they grew in a dense forest, they received less light and grew more slowly than newer lumber. This slower growth allowed for a tighter ring pattern and denser wood. An estimated 90% of these forests were cleared in the United States by the early 20th century. Today, "old growth" is strictly available through architectural salvage since remaining trees are protected by the US Forest Service.

RECLAIMED PINE DISCLAIMER: There WILL be imperfections. Rustic and reclaimed furniture embraces the beauty of the natural and celebrates its flaws. This is solid wood furniture that exudes warmth with an organic character that gives off a relaxing vibe as it provides a connection to the past. If smooth, shiny and seamless are what you’re after, then rustic and reclaimed may not be for you.

We cannot guarantee that the beam you receive will look identical to the one in the product shot. All surface imperfections are natural and tell a story that spans over a hundred years, making each piece unique and truly one of a kind.

Unique characteristics include but are not limited to:
- Nail Holes
- Worm/Insect Holes
- Uneven Edges
- Saw Marks
- Beautiful color variation from light tan to black
- Hand-notched holes from where the floor joists slid in
- Paint remnants
- Plaster Wall lines

FREE SHIPPING in the Continental United States only. Please contact us for a quote if you need shipping outside the Continental United States.

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