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Bud Vase Stand + Vault Furniture
reclaimed wood stem vase + vault furniture chicago
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Reclaimed Pine Centerpiece: 1 Bud Vase

Reclaimed Pine Centerpiece: 1 Bud Vase

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This unique vase transforms a single stem into a beautiful statement piece. It's the perfect addition for any modern farmhouse or rustic wedding. We hand-make each wooden stand from century old 2x4's salvaged from demolition homes around Chicago, IL. The glass bud vase simply slides in through the top, allowing one to easily clean the glass when necessary. We custom designed the bottle to be the perfect stem vase. The 6" length, slight taper and small neck allow more water storage while holding the stems in an upright position.

This is the perfect unique gift. Small enough to fit in any home, the stands are extremely versatile and can be used to display fresh flowers, fresh herbs, dried flowers, spices, or even make-up brushes. They make a great accent piece in any home.

- 8" L x 6" H x 3.5" - 4" W

- Each stand has unique surface pattern that may include:
- lines from plaster walls
- nail holes
- rough sawn marks
-Glass bottles with corks included
-Wood is left natural and unfinished
-Each is hand-made to order

We cannot guarantee that the flower stand you receive will look identical to the one in the product shot. Although, all surface imperfections are natural and tell a story that spans over a hundred years, making each piece unique and truly one of a kind.

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