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Vault furniture turntable pedestal , reclaimed wood record stand , steel and pine
Turntable Pedestal with Album Storage
turntable pedestal , reclaimed wood record stand , steel and pine
turntable pedestal , reclaimed wood record stand , steel and pine album display

Turntable Pedestal with Album Storage

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Turntable Pedestal and Record Storage


  • Dimensions: 24" L x 18" W x 36" H
  • Beams: 8"x 10" Old-growth pine foundation beam
  • Record Supports: Locally-sourced 2" American steel angle 
  • Glass Top: 1/4"D x 24"L x 18"W

A perfect way to display your record collection for the eclectic music lover. 

When it comes to design, we try to produce things that we would want for our own homes. Furniture made for album storage isn't common, which is why we created this unique handcrafted piece that will bring statement to any home. The modern steel and glass and natural reclaimed woodwork together to form a timeless design that integrates with many different aesthetics while the narrow configuration makes this piece great for any empty corner of the living room, bedroom or den. 

We absolutely love the historical value this wood has and work hard to bring it to you at an affordable price. We believe in celebrating all of the natural characteristics and "imperfections". We do not fill the nail holes or completely sand off the saw marks because these details tell the story of where it came from. We often get asked to stain our wood to a solid color or try to stain the ends so they match the top but we refuse to. Instead, we lightly sand each beam to remove loose dirt and splinters while maintaining the weathered patina. Then we coat with clear water-based polyurethane. A durable finish that highlights the wood's natural color and one-of-a-kind character.


At Vault Furniture, we take pride in meticulously designing and crafting our products in the USA. Every detail is taken into consideration in order to bring you the best product possible. All of our materials are hand-selected and locally sourced. Using the highest quality, American made steel, solid old-growth pine beams, and commercial grade finishes.

RECLAIMED PINE BEAM: We work with demolition companies around the Mid-west to salvage the beams used for this Beam Bench. The solid pine beams were once used as the foundation that ran around the perimeter of the homes built in the early 20th century. (You can see a photo of Andy cutting a beam on a demolition site in Chicago, IL) Salvaging this high quality reclaimed wood takes meticulous deconstruction and unfortunately is the reason why it is getting harder to obtain every day. Instead of dismantling buildings to salvage this material, more and more companies choose to simply excavate and dispose of everything into landfills.

Made from solid old-growth pine, the foundation beams are salvaged from demolition homes throughout St. Louis and Chicago. These beams are over 100 years old and have tons of character and even more history to them. The term "old growth" refers to the origins of the tree that the beam was produced from. These trees grew naturally for over 200 years, during a time before massive deforestation. Since they grew in a dense forest, they received less light and grew more slowly than newer lumber. This slower growth allowed for a tighter ring pattern and denser wood. An estimated 90% of these forests were cleared in the United States by the early 20th century. Today, "old growth" is strictly available through architectural salvage since remaining trees are protected by the US Forest Service.

There will be holes. There will be marks. There will be imperfections. Rustic and Reclaimed furniture embrace the beauty of the natural and celebrate its flaws. This is solid wood furniture that exudes warmth with an organic character that gives off a relaxing vibe as it provides a connection to the past. If smooth, shiny and seamless are what you’re after, then rustic and reclaimed may not be for you.
We cannot guarantee that the beam you receive will look identical to the one in the product shot. Although, all surface imperfections are natural and tell a story that spans over a hundred years, making each piece unique and truly one of a kind.
Unique characteristics include but are not limited to:
- Nail Holes
- Worm Holes
- Uneven Edges
- Saw Marks
- Beautiful color variation from light tan to black
- hand-notched holes from where the floor joists slid in
- Paint remnants
- Plaster Wall lines

FREE SHIPPING in the Continental United States only. Please contact us for a quote if you need shipping outside the Continental United States.

Thank you so much for visiting Vault Furniture! Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need a custom piece. We are always happy to help!

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